No place like home.

I have always felt on some level that I just don't fit in. I have had this unsettled feeling about my life no matter what choices I made. It's like a knowing that something deeper was missing.

Sometimes it takes a wake up call on behalf of the universe to make you realize what has been in front of you the whole time. We are constantly receiving nudges and messages that point us to our truth. Often we ignore the message and so it needs to get real loud in order for us to hear it.

I have always known that I can easily sense what another person is feeling and what they are about. I actually thought for years that I was just assuming things about others when really it was my intuition speaking to me. I have been pushing this away my whole life. I had no idea what a gift this was. I finally realized that if I started paying attention to what was going around me, the missing pieces would start to fill in.

Feeling somewhat confused about where my life was going, I started asking the universe for signs. I started listening to my gut and following the nudges I was feeling. I noticed the people I was meeting seemed to be almost strategically placed in my life. There just could not be this many coincidences! I was waking up each morning excited to see what was going to show up for me that day. I began to pay attention to every little detail from the clouds in the sky, the songs on the radio, people who cross my path, synchronicity was showing up over and over again. All of it was amazing.

I followed the nudge that told me to hire a coach. I knew if I had someone I could trust to help me navigate this new territory I would feel more at ease. I was right. The guidance and sisterhood that I welcomed in has changed my life.

Over the past year I have really learned what it feels like to be in the flow of the universe. We are all energy and vibrate at a frequency. By raising our frequency we can manifest anything we desire. I have many tools and rituals to help raise my vibe so I can intentionally feel good often and worry less. I also know now to embrace the low vibe days (they still happen) as it's all life's magic at work.

Today I am a Certified Intuitive Coach and Reiki practitioner. I read tarot and angel cards for daily guidance. I transform energetic blocks for myself and help guide others in their own alchemy. I believe in Angels and Spirit Guides. My super power is manifesting. I know who I am and I know I don't need to fit in. I am happy and I am home.

Jennifer Macfarlane